What We Do

We are a foundation-based funding resource created by and for the LGBTQ+ community in Tampa Bay.

Our vision is to be an innovative and inclusive funding source for organizations serving the Tampa Bay LGBTQ+ community, and to provide an enduring means for increasing awareness and enhancing effectiveness for those organizations.

Contributions to The Plus Projec+ help meet immediate needs in the LGBTQ+ population, and support an endowment to ensure a permanent, reliable revenue stream to address emerging needs in the sector.

Raising Funds

We achieve this vision by pooling resources of support and directly funding specific organizational needs so that the grantees can be more impactful in their work. The Plus Projec+ does not provide direct services to the community. We offer an efficient way for donors of all types to address needs in the LGBTQ+ community.

All gifts to The Plus Projec+ are 100% tax-deductible.

The Plus Projec+ raises funds via a combination of collaborative philanthropic efforts:

  1. Expertly managing legacy and planned gifts.
  2. Leveraging individual, foundation and corporate gifts for greater impact in the Tampa Bay region.
  3. Publicizing and coordinating Rapid Response funding opportunities for organizations.

Distributing Funds

The Plus Projec+ impactfully distributes funds
in both traditional and innovative ways:

Grants Committee

  • 9 members.
  • Objective, independent from The Plus Projec+ board.
  • Meets quarterly to review funds requests and make decisions regarding distribution.
  • Shares Community Foundation of Tampa Bay’s nonprofit expertise.

Rapid Response Fund

  • Source for "emergency" funds requests up to $500.
  • One request per year for any organization.
  • Decisions from The Plus Projec+ within 72 hours.

Both with a streamlined, user-friendly grant application approach

  • Brief, concise applications that are neither complex nor time-consuming.
  • Clear and realistic requirements for metrics & reporting of both hard and soft data.
  • Easy transmittal.