Who We Are

The recognition
of a need...

Tampa Bay has a strong history of organizations providing services to the LGBTQ+ community. Some of these organizations are more ‘LGBTQ+ intentional’—meaning it’s very clear that they serve the LGBTQ+ community. But others are more ‘LGBTQ+ incidental’—meaning they serve LGBTQ+ individuals as a part of their larger client populations. But in either case, these organizations are faced with the never-ending challenge of funding—for both planned and unplanned needs. This is especially true as these organizations continue to serve an ever-widening array of LGBTQ+ audiences and needs, including LGBTQ+ homelessness, transgender and other gender identity issues, aging, the LGBTQ+ disability population, healthcare & ACA navigation, mental health, domestic violence, family therapy, health & wellness, and many more. In short, the list of audiences and needs is lengthy—and ever-growing.

The recognition
of gaps...

Working with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, The Plus Projec+ founding board conducted an in-depth research study with non-profits that serve the LGBTQ+ community. What we found were key recurring themes:

  • An ongoing need for funding sources.
  • A complex and difficult grant application landscape, often for small grants issued by funding organizations that have little link to Tampa Bay.
  • A lack of awareness of new, different or other funding sources, and a need for greater opportunities to collaborate with others serving the LGBTQ+ sector.
  • The challenge of generating interest and engagement among new potential funders in Tampa Bay.

The recognition of unique and
powerful opportunities.

  1. An opportunity to be a significant local source of need-based funding. A funding source that ‘knows’ the market and understands the organizations, the client/need populations, and the context for funding.
  2. An opportunity to be a fund focused on filling gaps and unmet needs. A funding source focused on directly funding organizational needs—from clothing to counseling, from printers to public relations, from stuff... to staff!
  3. An opportunity to be a long-term resource for grant-based funding. But with a grant application and award system that is quick, streamlined, and innovative in its simplicity.
  4. An opportunity to be a short-term resource for need-based funding. The Plus Projec+ has a unique ‘Rapid Response’ funding option, whereby organizations with urgent funding needs can apply—and be given a response—in a matter of days (or less).
  5. An opportunity to welcome any and all donors who wish to make a difference. From individual legacy-based donors, to corporate donors, to new or young donors who may not know how—or where—their funds can make a difference. The collective power of The Plus Projec+ funds allows donors of any sort or any level—whether LGBTQ+, allies or others—to be equally important for making the most significant impact possible.
  6. An opportunity to be a philanthropic extension, not a replacement. The Plus Projec+ funding mission and practices are unlike any other in Tampa Bay. Donors often have an historical relationship with an organization and are familiar with its needs.
  7. An opportunity to strengthen Tampa Bay LGBTQ+ organizations and their leaders, mobilize donors and funders, inspire giving, and actively secure our LGBTQ+ community’s future for generations to come.